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2019 Training course of Working Group on ReSAGPAPR

International Workshop on promoting Sustainable Protection and Restoration of Soil, Groundwater and Water Environment


Date: March 18 to 23, 2019


Venue: Room 47118, Room 47222 Department of Environmental Engineering, National Cheng Kung University




  • Opening Ceremony
  • Group Photo
  • Topic 1: Soil and Groundwater Protection- Current Status and Future Directions
    •    --Overview of the Workshop
    •    --Soil and Groundwater Protection in Asia: Status and Future Research and Practices
    •    --Soil and Groundwater Protection in Taiwan: Status and Future Directions
    •    --Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund
    •    --Soil and Groundwater Protection in Taiwan - Policy and Regulation
  • Welcome Dinner




  • Topic 2: Soil and Groundwater Protection- Investigation, Forensics and Risk Assessment
    •    --Application of Molecular Biology Tools for Bioremediation – An Introduction
    •    --Contaminated Site Investigation: Case Studies in Taiwan
    •    --Contamination Site Investigation: Common Methods Employed in Taiwan
    •    --Risk Assessment for Soil and Groundwater Contamination




  • Tainan Culture Tour




  • Topic 3: Soil and Groundwater Protection- Monitoring and Sustainable Remediation
    •    --Environmental Forensic Practices of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites
    •    --Remediation of Organic Contaminated Sites: Theories and Case Studies
    •    --Protection of Farmland Contamination: Investigation and Risk-based Approached Remediation Technology
    •    --Sediment Contamination: Protection and Remediation




  • Topic 4: Soil and Groundwater Protection- Field Visits and Demonstration
    •    --Introduction to the Remediation Works at Lin-Yuan Petrochemical Plant
    •    --Remediation Site Visits (Lin-Yuan Petrochemical Plant, CPC, Kaohsiung)
    •    --Visit Lunch
    •    --Application of Geophysical and Direct Push Methods: Demonstration
    •    --Laboratory Visits
    •    --Dinner/ Team Project Preparation and Discussion




  • Topic 5: Soil and Groundwater Protection- Current Status and Needs for South East and South Asia
    •    --Team Project Presentations and Discussion: Problems and Status of Soil and Groundwater Protection Conclusions from Previous Presentations
    •    --Representatives from 3 Countries: Australia, S.Korea, New Zealand
    •    --Representatives from 2 Countries: Cambodia, Philippines
    •    --Representatives from 2 Countries: India, Indonesia
    •    --Representatives from 2 Countries: Malaysia, Sri Lanka
    •    --Representatives from 2 Countries: Thailand, Vietnam
    •    --More Discussion (including Questionnaire)
    •    --Farewell Dinner