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2018 International Workshop on Investigation and Mitigation of Vapor Intrusion




Vapor intrusion is the migration of chemical vapors from subsurface contaminant sources through building foundations into buildings. Recognition of soil vapor intrusion to buildings and other enclosed spaces occurred in the 1980s with concerns over radon intrusion. There has been an increasing awareness that anthropogenic chemicals (e.g., chlorinated solvents petroleum hydrocarbons and) in soil, groundwater, soil gas, and sewers can pose a human health risk to building occupants via the vapor intrusion pathway.The International Workshop on Investigation and Mitigation of Vapor Intrusion will be held December 5-6 in Tainan. Mathew Plate and Alana Lee serve as speakers in this workshop. Mr. Plate and Ms. Lee have lead vapor intrusion research projects assessing and developing monitoring techniques that are practical, cost-effective, and improve our understanding of subsurface contaminant vapor intrusion transport from the subsurface into buildings.Taiwan EPA and TASGEP hope you to join us!!




The environmental professionals in governmental offices, industry, and research institutions.




December 5-6, 2018




International Conference Hall (1st Lecture Room), Kuang-Fu Campus, National Cheng Kung University (No.1, University Road, Tainan City)


Admission Quota:


200 peopleRegistration






Introduction to Vapor Intrusion:

      --EPA’s Experience with Vapor Intrusion


Conceptual Site Model (Part 1)

      --Sources of Vapor Intrusion (Groundwater / Soil Vapor / Potential Pathways)

      --Examples of EPA Vapor Intrusion Sites


Conceptual Site Model (Part 2)

      --Chemistry and Physics of Vapor Intrusion (Models)

      --Building Type, Construction, and Use


Vapor Intrusion Guidance, Resources, and Regulatory Framework


Health Risk Evaluation and Screening Levels


Screening Sites and Buildings for Vapor Intrusion

      --Prioritizing Sites for Screening

      --Multiple Lines of Evidence


Planning Vapor Intrusion Investigations


Community Relations and Access


Sampling and Analytical Methods

      --Air, Soil Vapor, Pathway, Flux Chamber

      --Field Analytical and Laboratory Methods


Questions and Discussion


Day One Concludes




Re-cap of Day One / Introduction to Day Two


Indicators, Tracers and Surrogates


Sampling Strategies

      --Sampling design spatial, temporal, duration

      --Supporting data pressure, temperature, ventilation


Residential Building Investigation Strategy


Commercial/Industrial Building Investigation Strategy


Future Building Investigation Strategy


Vapor Intrusion Data Evaluation (Background Sources)


Mitigation and Remediation


Institutional Controls and New Building Construction


Questions and Discussion – Recap


Workshop Ends