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最新消息 > 臺韓雙邊持續推動土壤及地下水環境保護合作交流



Sustainable and Mutual Cooperation in Soil and Groundwater Remediation between Taiwan and the Republic of Korea

臺韓雙邊持續推動土壤及地下水環境保護合作交流,本(12)月11日由韓國環境部水資源和污水政策局朴英奎(Yong-Kyu PARK)局長率領代表團一行13人抵臺,環保署則由土基會陳執秘世偉帶領土水協會及專家學者共13人組成代表團,於1212日起進行為期3天的土壤及地下水整治技術及管理經驗交流活動。

環保署與韓國環境部(Ministry of Environment, MOE)自101827日簽署「臺韓土壤及地下水污染整治領域合作備忘錄」,於105830日於韓國首爾續簽4年期合作備忘錄,雙方輪流舉辦交流活動,今年韓國代表團由土水協會(Korea Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment, KOSSGE)及環境產業與技術研究院(Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute, KEITI)等官產學界共同組成。

近年來臺韓雙邊針對兩國土壤及地下水保護領域整治技術及管理經驗已有相當程度瞭解,如加油站預防洩漏管理、地下水水質監測等,今年更針對污染土壤離場處理及地下水品質管理等議題交流。1212日上午假圓山大飯店進行雙邊合作備忘錄第8次指導委員會議,就今年度產學交流合作計畫研究成果、明年度交流議題,如:加油站保險等,以及雙方書面交流資訊內容,如韓國政府於土水領域研究預算及相關產業海外經營情形,我國於土水產業發展政策及污染場址管理現況等內容進行確認,並確認201810月於韓國辦理第9次指導委員會, 12日下午舉辦土壤及地下水整治技術論壇,邀請臺韓雙邊專家學者針對新穎土水調查技術、污染土地再利用發展及農地調查整治技術與案例分享等議題進行討論,以共同提昇雙邊土壤及地下水污染整治技術。


On December 11, 2017, the Director General of the Water Supply and Sewerage Policy Office of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of Korea, Yong-Kyu Park, led 13 delegates from Korea to participate a series of cooperation and exchange events held by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). Regarding the Taiwan delegation, the 13 delegates were led by the Director General of the Soil and Groundwater Remediation Fund Management Board (SGRFMB), Dr. Weber Chen, and the delegation was formed with representatives from Taiwan Association of Soil and Groundwater Environmental Protection (TASGEP), experts and scholars.

The Taiwan EPA and the Korea MOE had collectively signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Technical Cooperation in Soil and Groundwater Protection between the Taipei Mission in Korea and the Korean Mission in Taipei on August 27, 2012, which was renewed on August 30, 2016 to extend for 4 years. Both parties had decided to take turns to hold annual cooperation and exchange events. This year, the Korean delegation composes of representatives from government, industry and academia including Korea Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment (KoSSGE) and Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI), etc.

In recent years, both countries had aimed at remediation technology and management in soil and groundwater sector and acquired good understanding from each other. For example, oil leakage preventive measure for gas stations and monitoring of groundwater quality. This year, both countries targeted at off-site treatment of contaminated soil and management of groundwater quality to exchange experience. In the morning on December 12,The 8th Steering Committee Meeting of MOU between Taiwan EPA and Korea MOE was held at the Grand Hotel Taipei to discuss achievements of the Joint-Research Project for 2016, project subjects for 2018 such as insurance for gas station, and information exchange subjects for 2018 such as Korean governments budget for soil and groundwater research and industrys overseas development, Taiwan governments policy of soil and groundwater industry development and management status of contaminated sites. Both countries also collectively decided to hold the 9th Steering Committee Meeting in Korea in October, 2018. In the afternoon on December 12, The 2017 Taiwan-Korea Forum on Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination was held at the Grand Hotel Taipei as well. Moreover, experts and scholars from both Taiwan and Korea were invited to share experiences on emerging technologies for soil and groundwater pollution investigation, development and prospect of land revitalization and brownfield, and case study of farmland investigation and remediation.

The Taiwan EPA established the Working Group on Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Pollution of Asian and Pacific Region (ReSAG) in 2011 to proactively devote itself into international cooperation and exchange on environmental protection. This has built a great foundation for environmental diplomacy and provided more opportunities to cooperate with other countries in order to enhance environmental protection.


Group photo of the Taiwan and Korea delegations at the 8th Steering Committee Meeting.


Director General Yong-Kyu Park gave opening address at the forum.


Director General Dr. Weber Chen gave opening address at the forum.


The president of KoSSAGE, Prof. Jae-Woo Park, spoke at the forum.


The Korean delegation participated tours to understand site remediation.

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